Planning a trip to the Dentist

A new dentist in a new town.. This could go two ways…

No. 1 son was late with everything physical, he didn’t walk until he was nearly 2 1/2 years.  He had severe reflux as a baby and was very tiny.. Consequently along with a low weight and height his teeth arrived later too.

At the age of eight he still has only lost two baby teeth and gained two adult ones.. So I have a fear about today’s visit.. Will he need any out to make way for the big ones??

I have chosen a dentist practice near the sea.. I’m hoping that a visit to the beach afterwards will be enough to bribe compliance from the boys.

In preparation I am telephoning ahead, No. 1 son has asked whether the dentist is a lady or a man.

… Phone call made, we are seeing a very nice lady dentist so the helpful receptionist has informed me…We’ll see what happens…



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